KRAS Analysis

Gruppo Damidio & Q8Oils offer additional value added services, including oil analysis and condition monitoring.

Our specialized staff analyse clients’ oil samples, using their extensive knowledge to produce reports and recommendations. The following can be analysed:

Measuring viscosity indicates conditions such as oil thickening (from oxidation or nitration) and increased levels of contamination from water, combustion soot etc.

Total Base Number (TBN)
TBN is an indication of the oil’s ability to counteract acids. Oils with a higher TBN provide greater protection against acids.
Total Acid Number (TAN)
TAN measures the acid level in oil and is an indicator of nitration, oxidation and contamination. It is one of the main analyses that establishes the optimum oil drain interval.

pH measures the acidity or basicity of a solution; this can be used as an indicator for the oil drain interval

Oxidation occurs when oil molecules are exposed to oxygen over a long period of time, especially at high operating temperatures. This is a common problem and can cause the premature thickening of oil and the formation of severe varnish and carbon deposits.

Nitration is a degradation of oil, caused by reacting with the gaseous nitrous oxides (NOx) created during combustion. This can lead to problems such as rust and corrosion.

Water contamination, as little as 100 ppm, can cause problems in an engine, such as foaming or breaking the oil down into emulsions and sludge that blocks the filters.

Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP)
ICP detects and quantifies contaminants and wear particles in the oil sample in ppm. It can detect more than 20 common elements, including aluminum, iron, chrome, copper and lead. Silicon, originating from the fuel source or a damaged air inlet filter, can also be detected.

Following the oil analysis, clients receive a report by email, enabling you to review the condition of the oil and historical trends online. Gruppo Damidio’s specialized staff  can provide advice on how to achieve better oil performance.

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