Offered Services

Servicii Oferte Gruppo Damidio 1Besides lubricant recommendations to suit your needs, Gruppo Damidio offers a full range of services related to oil and oil condition monitoring and testing, support marketing activities and not least training programs at partner locations. This demonstrates that you can focus on your business while our technical team makes sure to satisfy the most demandinglubrication requirements.

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Inventory management: based on sales analysis and forecast, inventory levels in terms of structure and renewal rate is updated on a weekly basis.

Time of delivery: standard products up to 48 hours; specialized products according to the supplier’s delivery time.

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Technical support: provided by our own technical engineers in the field.

Predictive maintenance program: provided on request, using KRAS (lubricant analysis program).

Program and marketing campaign designed and implemented by our dedicated marketing department.

Sales and Technical Support

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We have hired a sales team and specialists to provide technical support, trained to meet the highest standards of knowledge about the products and services we offer to our clients.

Each representative can provide you with ideas and solutions to solve a wide range of lubrication problems, regardless of industry or application conditions.